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Organic Gin

Classic gin made from the purest organically grown wheat, blended with a unique selection of the best, organically grown and naturally extracted botanicals.

70 cl Organic

A complex, elegant, full-bodied blend with delaicate and spicy juniper start, with smooth and fresch coriander notes and with a perfect, citrusy lemon curd finish.


Can be enjoyed alone over ice, with a splash of tonic as a G&T, or as a drink ingredient in other gin-based drinks.

Sugar g/l 2 g/l
Bottle per case 12
Packaging type Glass bottle
Alc. vol. % 40%


Greenfield offers a range of premium spirits made exclusively according to certified organic production principles.

Production is made in the Charente-region in France and all products are certified FR BIO-01.

The brand is owned by Accelerate Brands.