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This brandy has been carefully and patiently aged in our cellars in French oak casks. Our experienced master blender has been working with talented distillers to achieve this wonderful blend.You will find in our brandy a wonderful mix of complexity, elegance and pleasure. 

50 cl

Tronnes VSOP has a clean aromatic and flowery nose with hint of grapes and raisins. It has a gentle palate with a very discrete, burnt, warm flavour element.


Drink as avec or use as ingredient in cocktails.

Sugar g/l 12
Bottle per case 24
Packaging type PET-bottle
Alc. vol. % 36%


Tronnes is one of the bestselling brands of brandy in the Nordic markets.

The brandies are produced in France, however, the brand name has it origin in the founders family roots from the Trønnes estate at Koppang in Østerdalen valley in Norway.

Tronnes brandies are made with the aim to over-deliver on quality versus price, yet also to be innovative in product development. Tronnes was among the very first to launch organic brandy on the Nordic markets.