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Calvados, one of the world’s finest spirits, has been produced in the historic French region of Normandy for at least five centuries, however, Calvados received the status of Appellation d'Origin Contrôlée only in 1942.

Shortly after, in 1944, the company Blanchard & Cie created the Berneroy brand as part of a range of spirits to be sold by Camus. Later, the company changed name to Berneroy & Cie, and was finally bought by Camus in the 1970-ies. 

In 2019, the brand was aquired from Camus by the Norwegian Soerlie family, and re-established as an independent Calvados company in the Normady region under the name Calvados Berneroy S.a.r.l., where its production is today.


While the Berneroy company and the label may have evolved in keeping with the times, the Calvados Berneroy Master Blender continues to employ time-honoured methods and finely honed expertise to create a range of distinctively fruity calvados, capturing the very essence of the local orchards.

Through the subtle art of blending, the Berneroy Master Blender then combines eaux-de-vie of various ages and characteristics to ensure a consistent House style and create the superb Calvados Berneroy range.