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30 YO Special Reserve

The Soerlie 30 YO Special Edition is a unique blend made of 30 year old Eaux-de-vie.

50 cl

In this age-certified Cognac, you will discover marvelous flavors which

can only be obtained after such a long, patient, ageing: blond tobacco, cloves, nutmeg, crystalized orange peels, plums and a true, decadent, cognac rancio.



Bottle per case 12
Packaging type Glass bottle
Ageing 30 Years
Alc. vol. % 40%


Soerlie Cognac is a relatively new brand in the centuries-long history of Cognac. Launched the first time in 2006, it has always aimed to have a contemporary approcah to style, packaging and marketing, whilst still respecting the long heritage of Cognac and its production. It is today among the best-selling Cognac-brands in the Nordic region.

The company has its headquarter in Paris and is founded and owned by Norwegian-born spirits entrepeneur Per-Christian Soerlie. The production, ageing, blending and bottling is done in close relation with long-term partners in the Cognac area.