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Soerlie VS is a round cognac with good body and notes of dried fruits and hint of vanilla.

50 cl

Amber yellow color.

Aroma of dried fruits, grape flower, vanilla and light French toasted oak.

Silky finish.


Avec, or as ingredient in drinks.

Bottle per case 24
Packaging type PET-bottle
Alc. vol. % 40%


Soerlie Cognac is a relatively new brand in the centuries-long history of Cognac. Launched the first time in 2006, it has always aimed to have a contemporary approcah to style, packaging and marketing, whilst still respecting the long heritage of Cognac and its production. It is today among the best-selling Cognac-brands in the Nordic region.

The company has its headquarter in Paris and is founded and owned by Norwegian-born spirits entrepeneur Per-Christian Soerlie. The production, ageing, blending and bottling is done in close relation with long-term partners in the Cognac area.