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Nietos Winter Liqueur

The Nordic languages have a range of words describing diļ¬€erents types of snow or snowfall. Nietos means ‘snow drift’; an accumulation of snow caused by wind currents, typically much deeper and higher than the depth of snow that fell directly.
Nietos liqueur is a brandybased liqueur made with several spices typically used in the Nordics during winter-time to bake cakes and cookies, in some traditional food-dishes, as well as ingredients in Nordic mulled wine (gløgg/glögg/glögi).

70 cl

Copper-brown, medium full bodied, warm liqueur, with notes of orange chocolate, gingerbread, ginger, and light cinnamon.

Sugar g/l 280 g/l
Bottle per case 12
Packaging type Glass bottle
Alc. vol. % 30%


The history of Malmio liqueurs starts in the late 1960-ies, when a small branch of the Malmio family moved to France from Finland. After quickly developing a strong interest in the French food and wine culture, the next generation of the family soon entered the wine and spirits trade with the aim to sell and develop products destined for the Nordic markets.

Although the Malmio family now has moved back to Finland, their liqueurs continue to be produced in France, the home of the world’s greatest creams and premium spirits.