Edustamme seuraavia tuotemerkkejä Suomessa



Amaro Montenegro was created in 1885 in Bologna by a young, passionate herbalist by the name of Stanislao Cobianchi, who named his concoction after Princess Elena of Montenegro, the future Queen of Italy.

Today, Amaro Montenegro is one of Italy’s top liqueurs, thanks to a series of characteristics that have made it unique: a secret recipe which has never been changed and which includes some 40 botanicals, expertly selected, extracted and blended; a unique, instantly recognisable bottle; a meticulous production process aimed at impeccable quality; a rich and complex organoleptic profile, with an agreeable bitter-sweet balance that makes it perfect for drinking neat, on the rocks or as an ingredient in some of the best-loved international cocktails.


(Co-distributed with Vinetum Oy)